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Scarlett’s Roses at The Bowery the 6th of May in London

Scarlett’s Roses play The Bowery friday 6th of May , New Oxford St.

6 pound BEFORE 9:15pm (8 pound after!)

ON STAGE AT 10:15pm

Gonna be a wicked night! Would to see you there.

Scarlett’s Roses are a live pop band hailing from South London, consisting of 3 vocalists and 3 musicians.
With their honest lyrics and catchy melodies, their unique British sound will have you humming and singing along for days.

With their refreshingly truthful tales of London life – whether it’s the longing for what you once had (“Pulling Petals”), the angst of a long-distance relationship (“NYLON”), or an infatuation with your schizophrenic doctor (“There’s Something About Maggie”) – there truly is something here for everyone.

Guitarist Daniel says, “Essentially we are a pop band, but we show elements of ska and hip-hop with a retro sound. We want to take people on a journey, so they feel they are the person in the song.” Singer Ryan adds, “We’re telling stories that people can relate to, whilst making them dance and putting a smile on their face.”

With many gigs already under their belt – including Camden Barfly, Monto Water Rats, Ronnie Scotts and supporting Razorlight at UCL – Scarlett’s Roses are bringing their infectious sound to the music world.

Elisabeth Carli’s artwork and biography


Carli Elizabeth (1955) studied fine arts (1975-1981)
She participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions (France, Canada, Spain).She currently lives and works in Auvergne (France). Her current work focuses on the image she reinvents by many interventions. She invents a language “photographico-pictorial” through staging of images and typography news. A work inhomage to the woman, emblematic of today, mystified by the media. She develops a rapport between the images and words that encourage the viewer to approach and discover a personal narrative. Intimate and poetic work tonic deeply rooted in its era, the artist offers us the “missing link”, the link between the real and the perceived between the woman and her representation. The universe of Elizabeth Carli true collection of imaging media reinvented, offered as many “contemporary mythologies” that the woman would be the heroine …