Scarlett’s Roses new music video “HANDS” now on youtube.

Hi everyone first we are really sorry that we didn’t keep this blog update for the last few months. As we are musicians in london, we had this few last months really busy but we are now back on wheels to share what we do and what we think is amazing to know about music art and the internet.

So here is our first post for this new term. SCARLETT’S ROSES just released tonight their brand new music video, wich is called hands.

We hope you will enjoy it. (I’m the drummer of the band) 🙂 that’s why we all particularly hope you will love the song.

Aswell here is an interview of Ryan with has been made by (Check out her blog there is a lot of good things on it 🙂

Scarlett’s Roses are a South London based sextet producing a huge range of different kinds of music; from pop, to rap, to hip-hop, to ska, I could go on but that would just be silly. They cover all bases would be the short version of what I’m trying to say here.

The band consists of three vocalists; Scarlett (super stylish bodacious babe with a voice like Kate Nash with the added advantage of possessing actual talent), Ryan (poster boy material with a face and a voice that makes you want to take him home to your mama and show her you’ve grown up and really do like nice boys now, rather than drug addled maniacs who tell her they like her tits upon first introduction) and Ollie (he looks like a badass, he raps and he spouts some seriously awesome lyrics). Then there’s guitarist Daniel, bassist Jameson and drummer Thomas, all of whom are obviously incredibly talented and it shines through upon first listen to their music.

The band are churning out tracks like there’s no tomorrow, with their singles ‘Nightmares’ and ‘Nylon’ already having music videos.

With the release of their latest music video coming in just a few days time, Cult73 caught up with vocalist Ryan to talk about giant babies, big balls and how he’s planning on taking the music industry by storm.

Ryan! Your unique selling point would be that you have three very different, very talented vocalists fronting your band. What made you decide to go down that route rather than fronting a band on your own?
To be able to enjoy this with other vocalists is such a great opportunity. I also feel it’s exciting to have other vocals, with their own take on a subject. Everyone had a favourite Spice Girl, now they can have a favourite Rose.

What would you say each of you brings to the band?
Daniel brings the good looks, Scarlett brings the glitter, Tom brings the tattoos, Jameson brings the wise words, Ollie brings the banter, and I bring the converse. Musically, everyone has different tastes, and naturally bring those influences to the songs.

The name ‘Scarlett’s Roses’ is interesting, obviously one of your vocalists is called Scarlett, but how did you come to the decision of naming the entire band after her?
She’s the boss, so we had no choice. Plus, she’s got the biggest balls out of the rest of us combined.

Your lyrics are pretty interesting; they have an honest, funny and friendly vibe to them. Which of you is the genius behind these lyrics?
I’m the genius. Haha! Me and Daniel, the guitarist, write the main core of the song together. He’ll write the music, and I’ll write the lyrics. Scarlett is good with coming up with melodies, and Ollie writes his raps. Then we take them to rehearsal with Tom and Jameson (drums and bass), and they’ll bring their part to the song. It’s really important for me to be honest, and I try to add something really personal, so the person it’s about knows it’s about them! At the same time, I want people to have fun with our music.

I heard that Matt Lucas tweeted your video ‘Nylon’, how does it feel to be able to count George Doors as one of your fans?
Well we’ve always said we try to appeal to as a wide an audience as possible, so for a giant baby to be feeling it means a lot. I’d love to know what Vicky Pollard thinks, though.

You’re bringing out a whole range of genres within your songs, which music genre is your personal favourite?
Personally, my main love is 50′s and 60′s pop and soul. The melodies were sing-a-long, the lyrics were heartbreaking. The cool thing is we each have a different favourite, and I guess that comes across with our sound.

Who inspires you inside and outside of the music world?
As a band, everyone likes something different. Our influences range from Jamiroquai to Jay-Z. Jackie Wilson is my all time favourite. A lot of our songs are about love, so the people I like that don’t love me back are pretty inspiring.

What’s your favourite thing about being in a band?
I love gigging, and being able to enjoy it with my best friends. We are all really close, and we like to have fun, and being able to make music with them is wicked.

I know that you guys supported Razorlight at UCL, how was that for you?
It was cool. It was quite an arty and political event, and for us to turn up with our songs about falling in love with a one-night stand was a bit daunting, but the audience seemed to enjoy it! And Johnny Borrell seemed very nice, he had a photo with us. Although I had to take the picture whilst the others were in it. Ha!

Where do you see Scarlett’s Roses in a year’s time? Be warned, I’ll be catching up with you to find out if you were right!
My main goal and dream is to release an album. Nothing excites me more than holding a Scarlett’s Roses album in my hand. That’s amazing, make sure you do, this time next year. It’ll be like a real life ‘One Day.’

If you had to describe Scarlett’s Roses in five words, what would they be?
Hopefully your new favourite band.

So there it is, the genius (and brilliantly funny) fella has said it all, these guys will be your new favourite band, so head along and have a look at their new video when it goes live on Friday, will you? Even if it’s only to stare at their lovely pretty faces. You should also hit them up on Facebook and Soundcloud to treat your ears to some feeling fucking good music.


New Scarlett’s Roses music video “NIGHTMARES”

Finally it’s here the new Scarlett’s Roses music video called “Nightmares”. We can discover a new kind of spirit in this video a bit more rock reggea but always with the Scarlett’s Roses touch. Do like us and help them to go to the next step by sharing this video as much as you can.

Scarlett’s Roses NEW MUSIC VIDEO “Nightmares” – this friday 13th at 13:13.

This friday the band Scarlett’s Roses from london will be releasing their new music video “Nightmares”.

Their last video “NYLON”  as been a success on internet so we really can’t wait to see what they did this time for this new single.

Here is the flyer.

Don’t forget this friday 13 go have a look and share the video .

New Minor League single “Somewhere else” is now available online check it out.

Check out the brand new song by the band Minor League. This song has been recorded and produced by the VT production. This independant recording company has been launched by  Thomas Carli Jarlier (drummer of Minor League, session drummer, teacher, drummer of Scarlett’s Roses) and Vasilisa Illicheva (Minor League singer, songwriter, producer)

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As well check out the video which shows the process of the recording of the track.