Liam Gallagher says his brother Noel can be a ‘liittle b**ch’ and blames him for Oasis split


Liam Gallagher says his brother Noel Gallagher can be a ‘little b**ch’ and was responsible for the end of Oasis.

The singer claims his sibling distanced himself from the band during their final months together and was looking for a way out – which ultimately came when the pair had a huge bust-up before a show at a Paris music festival in August 2009.

Recalling the group’s final tour, Liam said: ‘ kind of felt it was winding up, man. There was loads of little things going on. Noel was removing himself from the band, travelling separately, even though they [the media] were saying I was. And you couldn’t speak to the f***er. Minute you brought something up, it was just a stony-faced, ‘What are you gonna do about it?’ But it’s my band as much as his. I had to have my say. And he didn’t like people standing up to him. So he grabs the ball and does a f***ing runner.”

Although they are not currently on speaking terms, The ‘Roller’ singer ‘ who has formed a new group, Beady Eye, with his ex-Oasis bandmates ‘ believes he and Noel will eventually repair their fractured relationship.

He added in an interview with The Guardian newspaper: ‘We will make up, without a doubt. But I suppose I’ve got to grow up a little bit, and I suppose he has. People think I’m just a lunatic, but Noel can be a little b***h, too. Maybe the pair of us have to sort ourselves out before we do that. But not just yet.”

Although he thinks their personal feud will eventually end, the 38-year-old rock star insists Oasis will never reform.

When quizzed on the possibility about a reunion, Liam ‘ who releases his new album ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’ on February 28 – said: ‘Never, this is not a stopgap until me and Noel come to our senses and start Oasis again. That is well and truly done.”


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