The Last Republic CCTV (From


The Last Republic is a band you can get excited about quickly. After a few listens, comparisons become apparent between them and England’s favourites Keane (come on, you know you love Keane) as well as Muse. CCTV mixes guitar and keyboard turning the track into an instant anthem, something you can get to grips with quickly.

The song doesn’t have a major downfall, although the guitar is perhaps overly heavy for the song, but it doesn’t manage to dampen the track. That aside, the producing is particularly impressive from the esteemed Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Radiohead + Biffy Clyro) and it certainly shows with the track, whilst the work done on all of the instruments manages to match the tone and structure of the song perfectly.

This is a band worth watching and with their mix of keyboard and guitar working well in unison; it’s nice to know there are some bands out there that are willing to break the monopolised indie genre and give something different a go. They’ve already scored success winning the Road to V Festival 2009 competition and put on a good showing there; if they can build on their recordings with quality live shows they could have some real success in the UK.

For fans of keyboard and alternative indie.

Download it here now!

5 stars



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