James Blunt – So Far Gone


After two number one albums, James Blunt seems to have found a formula for writing music that works, and stuck to it.

He might not have had the most exciting music career so far. But with his latest album, ‘Some Kind of Trouble,’ reaching number 4 in the charts, his fans don’t seem to be getting bored of him at all.

‘So Far Gone’ is the second single from the album. It may be another acoustic pop song about love. But it has a melody that you can sing along to and a memorable chorus. What more do you need from a pop song?

He puts a lot of emotion into his songs and it is without a doubt all about the music for him. The simplicity of the music video proves this. He doesn’t need a big, flashy video to put his point across, which makes a nice change from the in-your-face music that is everywhere at the moment.

This may not be a number one single. But it is a song that his fans will certainly enjoy. In a world of music that is trying too hard we need to bring it all back to basics.



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