Band of the day – Scarlett’s Roses

Scarlett’s Roses consist of 3 incredibly unique vocals and a multi-instrumentalist. The visual imagery is refreshingly honest and a sound like no other. The perfect catchy melodies will have you hummimg and singing along for days.

You’ll be the one falling out with Jack and you’ll be finding that there is something about Maggie.

Influences may be difficult to define, but you can bet your bottom dollar that there is something that everyone will appreciate. A mix of charming, magical, charasmatic tunes and stories, make the band perform a performance.

Daniel says. “Essentially we are a Pop band, but we show elements of Ska, Hip hop and surf, you know, the kind of music that we hope everyone will enjoy. Your mums mums mum, and so on. If you catch my drift. We want to take people on a journey, so they feel they are the person in the song.”


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