Heartbreaker – Review


The title might sound like a saccharine-drenched cliché, but trust me, Heartbreaker is one of the funniest and wittiest romantic comedies you will see in a long time!
Starring Romain Duris as Alex and Vanessa Paradis(yep, that’s Johnny Depp’s leading lady!) in the lead roles, this French box office smash proves that our Gallic neighbours not only understand a thing or two when it comes to love, but they sure know how to serve up celluloid romance that thankfully lacks drivel and schmalz.

Juliette (V. Paradis) has everything going for her. She is a young, beautiful and independent heiress, with a passion for the finer things in life and an even bigger passion for the music of ‘George Michael’ and ‘Dirty Dancing’. Oh, and she is due to marry ultra-wealthy Englishman Jonathan (Andrew Lincoln of This Life). There is only one minor problem (which soon turns out to be a big one): Juliette’s father predicts that his precious daughter will be bored with Jonathan in no time, thus he disapproves of the wedding plans.

Enter Alex (R. Duris), a professional ‘heartbreaker’ who runs a service that – for a fee equivalent to his reputation – promises to transform any husband, wife, fiancé and boyfriend etc. into an ex. Using decidedly unorthodox methods that involve everything from phone-tapping to fake smiles, fake identities and hair-raising stunts (often with hilarious results), Alex is forever prepared to walk the extra mile in order to fulfil his contract.

So, when he is hired to break up the seemingly happy couple that is Juliette and Jonathan, he not only finds himself in a race against time but risks being caught by nasty personal creditors, furious exes and Juliette herself. To top it all, this time ‘round Alex gets to taste a dose of his own medicine…

Heartbreaker is as delightful as it is quirky and will have you roaring with laughter. You really do care for the main characters. Romain Duris and Vanessa Paradis in particular are perfect casting, so go see the movie with either someone you really do love or with someone you really want to get rid off…



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