Gorillaz debut new band member (From Music-news.co.uk)


Gorillaz have revealed their new, crowd-sourced band member The Evangelist.

Despite the word that the Gorillaz project is on the way out, the animated band have added a new member.

The Evangelist is the result of a web competition from last November, where the band asked fans to help create the fifth member of the band.

They offered tips on creating the character on their site.

”The Evangelist’ is the opposite of ‘The Boogieman’; the light to his awful shade. ‘The Boogieman’ has appeared in several images from the Gorillaz world, and now featured in several videos… ‘The Evangelist’ is a similar entity, but the flip-side of ‘The Boogieman’. He/she may even be revealed as ‘The Boogieman’s avenger. His/her outer appearance is yet to be defined. Many rumours fly around of his/her description.’

Gorillaz.com member ‘jirouta’ suggested the fishbowl-head design, which was redrawn by the cartoon mastermind of the band Jamie Hewlett.



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