How 50 Cent Made $8.7 Million Via Twitter (News from


By THR Staff

50 Cent earned $8.7 million in paper money on Monday, thanks to some tweets, the New York Post reported.
The singer helped pop the shares of the penny stock of H&H Imports, in which he has a stake, by talking it up on Twitter over the weekend.

“You can double your money right now. Just get what you can afford,” he tweeted. H&H owns a marketing firm called TV Goods that was founded by Kevin Harrington of ABC reality show “Shark Tank” fame. 50 later added: “Check out official site of Kevin Harrington.”


H&H stock gained 29 cents to 39 cents on Monday. That helped boost the value of the singer’s stake by $8.7 million, according to Post reports.


50 Cent, aka Curtis Jackson, reportedly received 30 million shares of H&H in a private placement last October. In March, the firm’s auditor raised questions about its ability “to continue as a going concern.”

(Additional reporting by Jillian Mapes, Billboard)


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