Unsigned band “Intraverse” outselling The Beatles (News from music-news.com)


Unsigned rock band INTRAVERSE are currently surging up the itunes chart – with a very real possibility of breaking into the Official Charts Top 100 at the end of the week with their debut single release ‘Please Don’t Share Your Kisses’

The band, who have just supported TV star Matt Berry’s band (of Mighty Boosh / IT Crowd fame) on tour around the UK are stunned by the reaction the release.

Singer Max Pepe said “I am genuinely taken aback by the reaction. Ok, it has taken us a while to get our first single out, after extensive gigging around the South coast especially, and headlining lots of local festivals – we knew we had a strong local fanbase – but this is something else!”

The band started to get wind of what was happening when a friend pointed out they were No 56 in the itunes Rock Chart on Wednesday (yesterday) morning.

Max added “After seeing that, we started a big push with friends, family and fans to get into the Top 20 – that’s all we were hoping for, which would have been an amazing achievement in itself. Now it seems there is a very real possibility of breaking into the Official Charts Top 100. Crazy!”

Intraverse now need a little extra help from the general public to get a truly exceptional unsigned band into the Top 100 chart, and they would be grateful if you can help by downloading ‘Please Don’t Share Your Kisses by INTRAVERSE for 79p from itunes this week:



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