Bjork composes intro music for solar system app (News from


Björk has composed a new track for an iPad app depicting 3D models of the solar system.

The track is a score for the opening animation of the app ‘Solar System’ which takes you on a journey throughout, well, the solar system.

The song comes from her forthcoming ‘Biophilia’ project – a science fiction musical that she is working on with iconic director Michel Gondry, but is currently only available on Solar System for the iPad.

The app itself is an e-book with 150 ‘pages’, over 40 fully rotatable 3D objects and over 600 pictures from NASA, ESA and JAXA (the latter two being the European Space Agency and the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, for those less sciencey types).

At $13.99, it’s a bit pricey as far as apps go, but it sure does look incredible. Check it out for yourself here.


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