Gorillaz “The fall” an album entirely produced on the ipad (News from music-news.com)

reviewer: Charlotte Westwood

If there was ever going to be a band who would change the future of how music is created it was going to be Gorillaz . When frontman Damon Albarn first announced that he was working on an album entirely produced on the ipad, many people were taken aback, but on Christmas day, The Fall became available for fans to listen to for free.

The rather lengthy 15 track album opens with the highly technical sounding track Phoner To Arizona, which although maintains a steady beat, never quite seems to peak.

The whole style and tone of the album is very different to all other previous Gorillaz albums, with minimal lyrics and experimental sound effects, it’s highly unlikely any tracks will be released alone.

The atmospherical Little Pink Plastic Bag, with what sounds like a vacuum cleaner whirring in the background, almost seems to work yet there is something lacking in comparison to the Gorillaz we all know and love.

Quite a few songs from the album feature quirky intros. The Parish of Space Dust starts promising, with the slightly clichéd switching of stations on an old fashioned radio, but then the whole things is pretty much destroyed by Albarn’s droning vocals.

For the rest of the album, the tracks sound rather alike in the way which they don’t seem to peak, they just seem to linger around without the power and drive to hit or inspire.

The final track Seattle Yodel, bizarrely does exactly what it says on the tin, as confusing as it may sound just contains a bewildering 20 second yodel.

With the question on everyone’s mind of whether the ipad holds the future for the music industry, I think we can all agree that there’s still a long way to go before we’re all ready to embrace it.


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